Carnivores Moving to the Big Cities

Cities all over the world have been experiencing a growth in wildlife animals since the mid 2000s. These animals that have been arriving since that time are not bunny rabbits, chipmunks, cute little birds or hamsters; they’re flesh eating carnivores. Many of these beast are now settling into urban and suburban areas.


In case you did not know, a carnivore is an animal that eats other animals. They are the predators of the animal world and in many cases they can be dangerous. The fact is that most carnivores have lots of sharp teeth, powerful claws and a great amount of strength and speed. Also, carnivores usually have a bad disposition when they encounter people out in the wild.

Now, you might think that these carnivores are roaming wild attacking pedestrians as they cross the street or chasing down school kids as they walk home – that’s not true. At least not all of the time. Many wild animals that have moved into metropolitan areas have adapted to city life in many ways like human beings.

Coyotes and foxes have settled into major world cities such as Chicago and London and they live among the buildings and skyscrapers in these areas. Bears have become so accustomed to feeding off of human garbage and food; they now have taken up residence along the suburban edge of many communities in places such as Washington (state), Oregon and Nevada. Some carnivores are can sometimes be seen on busy streets crossing to the other side like regular pedestrians.


Many of carnivores are relocating to the cities because they offer lots of food and a nice cozy place to stay. Carnivores such those found in the Chicago area have also moved to the city because they have become more friendly toward people. Many people have changed their attitudes toward animals in general. They no longer view most animals as wild and dangerous beast. While they are cautious about dealing with animals out in the wild they are not quick to kill them either. Also, many cities have become more green. Since conservation efforts and green living is now a standard, many animals are drawn to this type of environment.

City and suburban dwellers should place their trash inside of secure containers and they should make it a point not leave food out for wild animals that they might see in the area. Yes, people actually do this type of thing. They are also strongly encouraged not to treat wild animals as friendly pets. Instead, they should immediately leave the area and call Chicago bat removal service to secure the carnivore.